What you need to know

  • Purpose of the trip

    From its base in the San Blass Islands, the team will work with local pastors and missionaries from the area by traveling to nearby villages to conduct eye clinics.  The clinics will enable local pastors to gain stature in their communities and also serve as a venue to share the Gospel and nourish relationships with individuals attending the clinics.

  • Cost

    $800 + Airfare

  • Trip overview

    The team will fly into Panama City and then travel via local plane and canoe to island villages located within the San Blas Islands.  The team will lodge in a local village and conduct clinics over a four to five day period.  Travel via canoe is generally required to reach the island villages. The Kuna Indians are the population we will serve. They have a rich heritage, dress and a unique language. Translators will be provided. You will be living in close proximity with the Kuna people and should have an opportunity to worship with them as well.

    Generally, depending the itinerary for the trip, the team will have opportunities for local shopping and there may be occasion for sightseeing at locations such as the Panama Canal.

  • Climate

    The climate in the San Blass Islands is tropical.  Temperatures during the day reach the upper 80’s to lower 90’s around 2:00 in the afternoon then start cooling off to the upper 70’s overnight.   Short tropical rains are common.

  • Accommodations

    The team will sleep in hammocks inside native palm frond huts within the village.  There are semiprivate outdoor bathroom facilities. In most cases showers consist of a small enclosure with a bucket and ladle.  Most islands don’t have power, however, there will be periodic access to a generator to recharge equipment such as batteries for cameras, etc.  Meals will be from food provided by the mission team and local supplies.

  • Health considerations

    Health information for travelers to Panama is available on the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s web site at the following link:

    Visitors to Panama are urged to receive the appropriate vaccines prior to travel.

    Most islands have a medical clinic staffed by local doctors however it is recommended that you visit your doctor prior to the trip if you have special medical needs.  Be sure to being an ample supply of any medications.  Malaria is a threat in Panama and utilization of a malarial prophylactic medication is recommended.

  • Physical requirements

    There will be moderate physical activity, mainly consisting of carrying and setting up equipment and supplies.  Also, during hours of the clinic, it is possible that prolonged standing, stooping and walking will take place.

  • Pictures

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